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We know you want to show off your new, beautiful smile for a long time! To ensure the results of your cosmetic or restorative treatment last, we’ve provided some home instructions for you to follow. As always, don’t forget to schedule your follow-up appointments, and feel free to call us if something seems out of the ordinary.

Restorative Treatments And Dental Surgery

After a restorative treatment, your bite may feel slightly off due to the new position or thickness of your teeth. It may take a few days for your brain to register your altered bite. Please call our office if you notice any areas that require an adjustment.

It’s also normal to feel some discomfort and swelling in the hours after your treatment as the numbing medication wears off. Make sure to take your prescription painkillers as needed and apply ice on and off the area to reduce swelling.

Make sure to avoid certain foods and beverages to prevent accidental damage. This includes things that are:

  • Too hot
  • Crunchy
  • Chewy
  • Hard

Cosmetic Treatments

You’ll want to adjust some of your habits that will reduce the lifespan of your cosmetic dental treatment. Besides maintaining good oral health, you’ll want to limit or avoid staining foods and beverages after a whitening treatment.

You should also wear a mouth guard while playing sports or at night if you grind your teeth to prevent your cosmetic restorations from chipping or becoming damaged.

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